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Updated: Nov 11, 2018

During a recent worship experience at the Word of Faith Cathedral in Atlanta, GA with Bishop Dale Bronner, I had the pleasure of being reminded of a very powerful gift we all have, that gift is choice.

Because God's love is unconditional he created each and every one of us in his own image,. As creator He could have dictated how we live and forced us to worship Him, yet he chose to give us free will, rather than control our decision making. Worship is love responding to love. We choose to love. Love is not an emotion it is a choice.

Our lives are a culmination not only of our experiences, but the choices we make along the way that ultimately lead to every encounter and the consequences thereof.

In the book of Exodus we learn how God chose a little creature, a croaking frog, to torment Egypt in freeing the Israelites. Bishop Bronner explains how frogs are nocturnal and often these type of creatures are thought to have a type of demonic spirit as they are active in darkness. He goes on to explain how God didn’t use big creatures to get Pharaoh’s attention but rather small pesky things that keep you from resting.

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The Bishop continued, “the distinct difference between people and animals is the power of choice.” Animals are controlled by nature. They eat sleep seek shelter, and breed. But people have a choice to live life with intentionality. We can decide to make a mark on the world, help others, be an instrument in the hand of God so we do more than live and die - eat, sleep, and breed.

It is interesting to note that Pharaoh did not immediately seek to rid Egypt of the frog plaque. He chose to “deal with it tomorrow.” One if the greatest deceptions if the devil is “just one more time... I’ll do it tomorrow,” is what we often say.

Right now is the only time you have to change the future. “Tomorrow is an illusion because when it gets here it’s today. There is nothing like the power of now, says Bronner.”

When we are under pressure, not feeling well, etc we make promises to God. How many times have you had a bad headache, faced some financial turbulence, or perhaps found yourself stuck in an awful situation? You cried out, Lord if help me get through this I promise I will do things differently. But as soon as things are better we forget and go back on our promises.

Spicy or Nah? Some like it hot.

Every time you eat a plate of food your choosing life or death, healthy or not healthy. You can choose foods that are nourishing and provide some benefit to your well-being or the contrary. Some people may choose to eat foods they know are bad for them, but feel are worth suffering the consequences. I know my body simply can not tolerate spicy foods so I stay away from them. All night heartburn and belly aches is simply not worth it. However, I also know that starches like potatoes aka French fries are not the healthiest thing for me to eat either yet I am willing to suffer the consequences of the extra flab on my thighs that result in extra miles on the treadmill so I devour the fries anyway. Sad but true ...

Bishop Bronner's Observations About Choice:

Bad decisions don’t look bad at the time they are made. I have looked back at decisions I’ve made and thought to myself, “well it seemed like a good idea at the time,” kinda like shoulder pads in the 80s ...

Your choices are determined by your values. Choose your values. For example when choosing a mate, ask yourself, does this person I’m with match my values?

Sometimes it feels wrong when making the right choice. You may cry for a week but it was the right thing to do. Feel the pain then you’ll heal from the pain. Never allow public opinion to rule your choice. The crowd can be wrong. There are some tings that are legally but not morally right. When you live by principle, 99% of your choices are already made.

Don’t make choices based on your emotions or what feels good. God often warns us when things are not right. Recall the story in the Bible of Pilot’s wife, who warned her husband not to kill Jesus. His name henceforth has lived in infamy. Bad decisions are often the result of pressure. See if you have peace in your spirit about it. Rush decisions are rash decisions. Never consult your emotions about decisions. Consult the Word of God.

Do not judge people for their decisions you don’t know the reasons behind their decisions. Matthew 7 reminds us to judge not. People most often do the best with what they have.

Sometimes the wrong choices of others will still take us to the right place. Sometimes the wrong person will walk out of your life, making room for the right person to come in. When others do evil to you God will use it for your good. God knows how to recalculate redirect your journey. Trust Him. Say Lord my help comes from you. Lord I need you. You God are my source and my strength. You’re the one who blesses me with divine favor.

From the time we are born to the time we die there is s dash in between. The dash signifies how incredibly short life is. Time is a fleeting thing. It is the power of our choices that determines what we do with the dash, the time we have been given.

“We live for something that is greater than ourselves so always do your best to make the right choices. Do your best to learn from the wrong ones.”

You ALWAYS have a choice. You can dwell on what went wrong or what to do next. When you can’t change your situation you’re challenged to change yourself. What will your next choice be?

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