What is the Truth about Authenticity

Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

I am among those who believe that diamonds are a girl's best friend. I love this gem stone so much because it has so much significance to my life. The diamond is the sparkling part of my brand logo because it a symbol of strength and resilience. It is my mantra for new beginnings and a reminder of hope.

The diamond is the birthstone for the month of April, which happens to be the month of my late son's birth. When he passed away I was given a reminder that God has given me a hope and a future - Jeremiah 29:11. Like a diamond, I have been crushed and formed under intense pressure, yet able to emerge stronger after grieving loss and struggling to live a life that allows me to present my true authentic self to world.

Since 1895, founder Daniel Swarovski’s mastery of crystal cutting has defined the company. His enduring passion for innovation and design has made it the world’s premier jewelry and accessory brand. Today, the family carries on the tradition of delivering extraordinary everyday style to women around the world. 


Any well qualified jeweler will tell you that a diamond is one of the most unique, strongest, and sought-after gemstones. Originally formed at depths of 140 to 190 kilometers in the Earth’s mantle under intense pressure and extreme temperature, this precious stone is known for its strength and durability.

"I'm a host of imperfection. And you see past all that I'm a peasant by some standards But in your eyes I'm a queen You see potential in all my flaws" - Beyonce, International Performer

Flaws & All

A diamond without flaws is extremely rare, but a even a perfect diamond has some blemish by nature of its creation. Flaws give a diamond its own unique character that bears the story of its formation. Some inclusions are nearly impossible to see with the naked eye, whereas other inclusions affect a diamond's clarity or the degree to which imperfections can be seen.

“Some inclusions are nearly impossible to see with the naked eye, whereas other inclusions affect a diamond's clarity.“ - thespruce.com

When my now husband, Dwayne, proposed to me - he gave me my first true diamond. Upon setting the engagement diamond into my wedding band, the jeweler explained the gem’s inclusions to such depth that if it’s ever lost or stolen it can be described with authenticity unique only to this particular stone. “It is one of a kind,” the jeweler said.

My diamond wedding ring is certainly a thing of beauty, but it is more so a source of strength and encouragement.

When he proposed, I was amazed that my husband thought I was worthy of having something so precious and beautiful.

Comparing its rarity to me, he expressed his deep loves for me, flaws and all. Looking past my faults, ignoring my imperfections, accepted me ... for me.

What if we accepted our own flaws and let the world see us for who we truly are?

What if we all loved one another for who we authentically are? What kind of world would this be? What if we accepted our own flaws and let the world see us for who we truly are? Now, that's a loaded question - truthfully.

It was not always easy, in fact I still struggle at times to be my authentic self. I think its an acquired skill. At least with age, its almost expected and people give you a pass for the most part.

Unfortunately we spend most of our lives pretending to be something we are not.

Honestly, people can tell when someone is not being real.

We spend years giving 100% of our efforts to 10% of who we were created to be, and wonder why we have little joy and peace.

The Truth Is...

Could it be that happiness is at the core of how we present ourselves to the world? The truth is, part of living your best life is being true to who you really are.

I recently sat down with Alyson Rae Lawson, a young black entrepreneur who credits her success to her authenticity.

A native of Dallas, Texas, Alyson is the Chief Executive Officer of RaeLawson Enterprise and RaeLawson Enterprise 2.0. She is a Franchisee/Operator of two 7-Eleven convenience stores with gas. She is a Gen Y entrepreneur that possesses an extensive business acumen, with a true passion and ability to connect with people.

"Be 100%, unapologetically, you" - Alyson Rae Lawson

Her business and financial background led her towards entrepreneurship, her ultimate goal. Through this entrepreneurial journey she has achieved many notable awards, including the 7-Eleven Brand Excellence Emerald Champion award, the City of Arlington Game Changer award, the Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune Entrepreneurship Award from the National Council of Negro Women, the Elite News: John Beckwith Business Award, and most recently, being inducted into the Class of 2019 Hampton University: Top Forty Under 40 Society.

When it comes to success business, she says you must have a business mindset, focus on your customers and what it is that they want, surround yourself with like-minded people.. but most importantly be yourself.

”Always be 100%, unapologetically, you ... you make your product. You are the representation for your business. It is very important that you just show who you are. I would not be where I am if it were not for who am I and how I act. I always tell people to be themselves," she says.

It’s a lot easier to be yourself than to try be something else. You are like a diamond, uniquely made and precious to behold. Go forth and shine, show the world who you really are. Want more of the truth? People will appreciate you more for being genuine, authentic gem that you are. They will remember you for being .... well, you.

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