What if Good Things Come to Those Who Persist?

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Whoever said "good things come to those who wait," could not possibly have been thinking about women like me. We are are driven and designed to move the world! I say why sit around waiting when you can make something happen? All you really need is faith, a positive mindset and a determination to succeed.

Truthfully, the danger in waiting is doing nothing while you wait. The current turmoil of our world has a lot of us sitting on ice, waiting. The good news is you can still move forward even in the stillness.

Consider this time of year, spring flowers are still blooming, the birds are still singing, the world is still turning. Nature does not stop, so why should you?

This month is very special time for me. As I wait, I am also celebrating! May 2020 marks the 3-year anniversary of my book “Who’s That Girl” and the 6-year anniversary of my selfless journey towards inspiring women to live a life of purpose and give birth to the dreams we hold inside.

Sitting and waiting on the sidelines has never been my thing. Giving life to my dreams launched a movement towards motivation and inspiration to encourage others! When I put action to my faith, I was blessed to start the "Inspired by Valerie" show. A self-produced faith-based television show that aired one full season on the AIB Network (reruns coming soon to YouTube under IBV Music & Entertainment, my media company, another dream in the making). The show was one of the hardest and most fulfilling projects I ever took on.

"Yes, I'm That Girl," my motivational podcast and this women’s lifestyle blog are all dedicated to inspiring others.

Failing forward

If you never try, you'll never know what you are capable of. You may just fail forward. So what ever happened to my TV show, you may ask? Well, what had happened was...lol! I discovered that dreams are dreams when they live inside your mind and tug at you in your sleep. Oh, but when they come alive, they can take on a life of their own. Ultimately the really big dreams often require the financial backing and support of others. My show was on hiatus, as it sits "waiting" it remains a work in progress. My hope is that the show will builds up some momentum online. I am confident that I'll gain a broader audience and more support than I can shake a stick at. My brief stint on a traditional television network was not a waste, it provided the training ground for the bigger platform I know awaits me. Sometimes dreams are deferred, but that doesn't mean they have to die. Trust and believe, I am working hard to build my platform in order to grow to the next level.

Timing is Everything

One of the most important aspects to pursuing your dreams is timing. In my humble opinion never will it be the right time to go after something you've hoped for - but you can't just sit on the sidelines wondering, when and how? You may not know the answers to these questions but the universe does. Your job is to push positive energy forward and allow the universe to grab hold and push up the wind beneath your wings.

Until now, I have been silent on COVID-19, the global pandemic our world now faces. The doom and gloom in the news and all over social media is just too much! So I am choosing instead to use this down time of quarantining for my own self-reflection, self-care, and self-love.

Just before the pandemic I was learning how to get started in real estate investing and preparing to purchase my first rental property. I had been suffering through a very bad cold. What started out as stuffy nose progressively got worse. Undoubtedly, it was brought on by stress. I tend to go after things full force with tunnel vision.

Whatever the bug was, it pales in comparison to the sickness of COVID-19 as I've heard it described. My heart and prayers go out to those impacted the most by this horrible virus.

As it turns out, the beginning of 2020 was not the best time to jump into a rental property - at least not for me. The onset of COVID-19 dried up the resources I had lined up to get me into my first property. I was devastated, but today I am grateful because this lull forced me to tighten up on my reserves and continuing educating myself on the market. Like my other business ventures, I know real estate investing will happen with much success in due time.

In the meanwhile, I am continuing to educate myself, reading a chapter a day from my real estate library. I am also continuing with my online stock investing with Groundfloor, Robinhood, and Acorns, to name a few. The ups and downs of the market have been a bit unnerving but the money I invest yields far better than the small change I keep in the wonky old mattress I call a savings account at my bank - which I keep only to avoid bank fees.

Despite COVID-19 and the physical, emotional and financial devastation it has caused, the world has experienced some good over the past couple of months or so. People are kinder, taking time to be more considerate and giving. I never saw my neighbors as often as I do now - out walking, playing with their kids outdoors and leaving nice notes on our neighborhood sidewalks for the daily deluge of new walkers out getting their daily exercise. I think as whole, the majority of us are appreciating life in a refreshing new way.

Being forced to slow down and be still forces you to think and take notice of even the smallest things, like the soft bend of the leaves on a tree against the wind, the sweet sound of children laughing or at play, or watching vegetables grow in your own backyard - at least these have been a few for me.

Bok Choi is growing in my backyard garden!
It has been widely shared that smog is down in major cities, and the air quality is clearer than its been in years in some places.

What if?

Iyanla Vanzant, world known Spiritual Advisor and auntie inside my head, recently posed a series of "what if" questions in her online platform "Iyanla's Daily Antiviral Message,"if you're not already plugged in, I encourage you to listen to the series. It has really helped me to center myself and find some semblance of peace in the midst all that's going on in our world today. One of Iyanla's what if questions resonated with me. She asked, "what if this global crisis was the only way that we could be called higher and taken lower in order to reset how we live?"

Since COVID-19 sent me and millions of others off to an extended home-quarantine I have had more time to read, write, rethink the tools in my toolbox, focus on my mental, spiritual and financial health, exercise, and spend quality time with my family. Heck, I even started a back yard vegetable garden! I've wanted to grow my own food for years, but never quite had the time to do it at the scale I am today. There's bok choi growing from table scraps I had left over from dinner a couple of weeks ago. I can step right outside my back door to grab fresh rainbow chard from patio containers for salads. This time has been an amazing refresh for me and I'm all the more excited to say, yes to my life!

What if you told yourself, yes!

So what are your saying about your life? What if you said, "yes" to your goals and dreams?

Mignon Francois, Owner of the Cupcake Collection, is known as the woman who turned $5 into $10 million. She may be rich in cash, but she,inspires others to understand that faith is the real currency. She says, "you get out what you put in. Whatever you focus on, you get more of that."

What if you focused on being positive and dedicated an amount of time each and every day - let's say an hour - towards your dreams, your hopes and goals? What if for one solid hour you decided to study a new craft you always wanted to learn rather than watch TV? I dare you to try it for 30-days and see what happens? In fact, why not try it and let me know how it works out for you?

Some of my girly ventures may be on hiatus, but my dreams, like my faith does not waiver. In the downtime as we reset and reconsider our living, focus! Speak life to your dreams. Let's see what the rest of 2020 brings. In due time, good things will come to those who persist! The faith journey is a sprint, not a marathon.

Valerie Winrow is an author and a women’s lifestyle writer/blogger with focused content on health, wellness, and finance. Her “Yes, I’m That Girl” blog series shares inspirational stories and anecdotes to encourage others to live a life of purpose. Check out the “Yes, I’m That Girl” podcast on Anchor for more inspiration and encouragement for your daily living. Follow Valerie online @yesimthatgirlblog on Instagram, and @yesthatgirl on Facebook and Twitter. Valerie also fosters a passion for the environment and global sustainability. Check out her tips for green living at www.heygreengirl.com.

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