How Pumpkin Spice Stars as the Flavor of the Season

Updated: Nov 24, 2018

Fall is finally here! Pine cones, hay rides, the leaves changing colors just before they're carried off into the wind and gently touching the ground, cool crisp mornings, weather perfect days, and...pumpkin spice! These all are some of my favorite things about fall.

Photo Credit: Starbucks

The Starbucks Pumpkin-spiced Chai Tea Latte is a great way to kick off a fun filled weekend. I recently tried the Starbucks blend, with added almond milk and honey. All I could taste was yum as the foam filled nutty party ensued inside my mouth! It was so good!

I must admit, I am a sucker for pumpkin spice. I love to discover new options of pumpkin spiced foods around this time of the year. I dedicate the entire month of October to treating myself to all things pumpkin spiced! In addition to my Starbucks Tea, some of my best finds have been at my local Trader Joe's grocery store. Cookies, cakes, pies, ice cream, yogurt, coffee, waffle mix, even salsa and ravioli, all pumpkin-spiced! Trader Joe's is likely the most popular spot in my area for fall's favorite flavor.

I don't normally partake in gas station cuisine, but Quick Trip has been advertising their pumpkin spiced pretzels, sounds tempting right? Hmm...I may try it.

Pumpkin spice isn't the only thing that's nice about this time of the year. It's also food and wine festival season! There is so much to see and do around Atlanta! Hubby and I plan to attend several food and wine festivals as well. Atlanta knows how to throw an outdoor party, and we can hardly wait to get our tasting and dancing on in the street!

Enjoying the season!

Who doesn't love cozy sweaters, some comfy denim this time of the year? Fall may very well be the shortest season, at least in Georgia. With its beginning summer tries to cling close. Without notice the weather begins to cool and all of a sudden winter is upon us. It seems that time is drifting by so quickly, which is why I try to enjoy all that the season has to offer before it fades away. I'll be cozied up with my husband, dining on great food and wine, and enjoying pumpkin spice the entire season!

The journey continues...

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