How Many Roses Does it Take to Say I Love You

Each year, I say to my husband, “babe, you don’t have to buy me flowers.” He buys them anyway. One year I tried to suggest that he buy me a plant, something I can keep and grow. What happened? I got more roses. That year I carefully cut the stems to extend their freshness. As I trimmed and took care of them I reflected on how much our marriage means to me.

Then one day I decided to tell him the truth about roses, how they reminded me of the sadness of losing my oldest son - that story can be found in my book. Anyway, back to now. Dwayne wiped away my tears that day, and he reminded me that roses are a beautiful symbol of eternal love and with each rose I should be reminded of that.

Fast forward to today. I have been burning myself out trying to extend my rosey empire! My parent company is actually called “Blackberry Rose” under this umbrella lies “Yes, That Girl!” My personal women’s wellness & finance blog, “Yes, That Coffee,” an online coffee store, and my latest venture, the “Pen Pen Notary,” a notary and signing agent business.

This latest notary venture has been all too consuming. Countless late nights of setup activities, general research, learning, licensing, marketing and running to and fro for appointments. It has taken a lot out me physically and mentally. So much so that this weekend, I was overwhelmed by exhaustion until I finally collapsed under a sea of tears yesterday.

Failing & Falling Under Pressure

I botched up my first major signing assignment, making a ton of mistakes. It was a million dollar real estate deal. The attorney and signers were very supportive and understanding. I believe that in seeing that this was all new to me, they chose to act in Love. It has been said that successful people get there because they know the value of building positive relationships and being givers - all succinct to walking in Love. I felt their support, still, I fell under the pressure of my own failed attempt at perfection. A battle of self-sabotaging thoughts followed, taking a gripping hold of my mind and body. I called on God and He answered putting me into a deep and much needed restful sleep.

Wait, it’s still Valentines Day

In the midst of all this, my husband was right by my side, wiping away my tears as he so often does. There he was with a box of mouth watering chocolates, two-dozen roses and a diamond ring! Years ago, these were gifts I could have only imagined.

My husband reminded me that I am not perfect, but I am strong and capable of doing great things. He supports me in building my business because it’s ultimately part of our “our” empire. He has his own ventures going as well but in his wisdom he takes his time to do things. “Darling, you have to be patient with yourself. Greatness takes time, it’s not going to happen overnight,” he said.

My husband Dwayne is my partner in life and in everything I do. My dreams really came true when God brought us together. With every day our love just grows and grows.

About the diamonds...

Precious eternal stones, diamonds are formed from the depths of the earth and shaped through the hottest fires. To behold even one is truly a blessing. This year, my husband gave me a couple more of these rare gems as he reminded me that I am worthy of eternal love. Love never fails or fades but only grows stronger day by day and through the fire.

On this international day in celebration of Love, my heart hopes that the world will be inspired to love more.

Happy Valentines Day!

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