Hey Girl, What's Your Super Power?

We all have power. It’s in your mood, your attitude, your body movement, and even most importantly in your voice. What happens when you use your power? Do you motivate others to do the same? Can you make others feel powerful too? When we realize our true power and learn how to use it to impact the lives of others, that becomes our superpower!

One way to focus on powerful living is through investing in yourself for your future. Living day by day is about increasing in our knowledge so we can thrive – we only get one life to live. Your life is all about you, you are the star of the show. If you don’t do everything you can to get and keep yourself together, you will not grow. You may never achieve the highest levels of your unique super power.

Empowering Others to Live on Purpose

For as far as I can remember, I have worked towards having a superpower that is empowering others to live on purpose. While I’ve enjoyed some success with this mantra, as I grow older my focus ever becoming clearer. Some would say I am stating the obvious. It is true that the older we get we tend to naturally look at life more deeply. For me, I am coming into a new desire to love more and put light into dark places.

New ventures into learning how to get started into real estate investing have allowed me to cross paths with sources of life changing inspiration. For one, learning is best received when you can find someone who is doing something extremely well and pattern that behavior. I especially appreciate those who have traveled down this path and are willing to reach back and pull others forward with them.

Meet Lorraine Beato

Real Estate Investor, Flipper, Entrepreneur, Thought-Leader, Mentor, … are just a few of the titles Lorraine Beato is known for. The Lifetime Million Dollar Member of the North Atlanta Metro Association of Realtor enjoys mentoring her vast array of clients, buyers and sellers. She gives direct attention to each one individually in order to help them make smart, sound financial decisions, but her ultimate goal of late is helping women in particular.

“My mission is to help women from all walks of life learn the game of real estate for one reason: financial independence and vitality. I enjoy the whole process of real estate. From working with buyers and sellers, to investors, and understanding the unique needs of each. I also consult and give advice on how to design, build and layout properties,” says Beato.

My mission is to help women from all walks of life learn the game of real estate for one reason: financial independence and vitality.

Lorraine has been in the real estate field for thirty-years. The native New Yorker began growing her southern roots in Georgia in 1996 after a corporate move with her husband. Not really knowing anyone in metro-Atlanta but wanting to get out of the house, meet people and be productive, she turned to her longtime love, real estate. Real estate gave Lorraine the flexibility to be the mom she wanted to be to her daughter as well as feed her love of homes. In 1997 she had her second daughter and at that point in time took a break from selling real estate to stay with her 3-year old and newborn. In the interim however, she plowed through purchasing and selling a vacation apartment in Algarve, Portugal, assisted her husband with selling inherited land parcels in Portugal as well as purchasing 2 cash flow properties in Decatur, GA.

In 2003 when her girls were both in school, Lorraine jumped back into the real estate game and re-activated her license. She has since been servicing clients with buying, selling, and investing in single family residences. She has also renovated homes in metro-Atlanta, Hilton Head, SC, San Antonio, TX and recently an inherited property after 10 years of the legal probate process in Portugal long distance. Her listings have been featured on HGTV’s House Hunters, her renovation in Portugal was featured in the January 2018 issue of Think Realty Magazine, and she has been on Think Realty Radio as well as the Abhi Golhar Show on Biz1190.

Lorraine continues expanding and growing by sharing her vast 30-year knowledge of the real estate industry with others as well as always keeping abreast of local and national real estate market trends in an ever-changing environment.

She is now establishing the first Atlanta Chapter of WREN, Women Real Estate Network, a national network of women whose mission is to create a community where women in real estate will excel and empower each other. The organization’s mantra is to create a place where women can share experiences, resources and tools to help one another grow both personally and professionally, and have FUN while doing it!

WREN is a national organization with 5 chapters in LA, OC, Seattle, Phoenix and San Diego. Atlanta will be the first east coast launch. Learn more at https://wreninspires.com/

Check out Lorraine on Instagram @LorraineBeato, and on Facebook @AtlantasResidences.

You hold the power to discover your purpose and live your greater truth. Get started today, if you’re already going in this direction, pick up the pace! There is no telling what you can accomplish when you truly believe in yourself.

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