Have You Read Any Life Changing Books Lately

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

You can change your life simply by changing your mind. It has been said that people perish because of lack of knowledge. Taking time to improve your base of knowledge, opens your life up to a multitude of possibilities.

Have you ever read a book that literally changed the course of your life?

Improving your life begins with your brain and your body, when you nurture both you will find that you have more energy, strength, endurance, knowledge and ideas to set the path for an amazing journey for yourself. Sometimes a really good book can do just that.

I sat down recently to talk to Cherie Hardy, Owner & Operator of Avant Garde Books. Cherie is an award winning educator, best-selling author, and thriving entrepreneur.

She has dedicated her life to literacy and encouraging people to invest in their brain to improve their lives.

Her online bookstore, Avant Garde Books, has gone mobile, with plans to travel the world sharing the gift of literacy and empowering others to change their lives, by expanding their knowledge.

The Brain is Wired to Understand through Stories

According to Medium.com, “our brains are hardwired for narrative. ... human beings have been telling stories as long as there's been a language to tell them in.

"We think in stories, remember in stories, and turn just about everything we experience into a story, sometimes adjusting or omitting facts to make it fit.”

Story at its core is about cause and effect, and our brains are wired to understand life in this way. Using her gift as a writer, Cherie shares life experiences through books for adults and children. Her writing promotes positive energy.

Sharing stories that are educational, empowering and uplifting, she writes not only to entertain but also to inspire others. An author of several books, her stories celebrate black women and teach children to love themselves for who they are.

Stories take us places. We can learn and grow so much by reading about situations of other peoples lives, the cause and effect of actions that others have taken in their life's journeys. By reading to children in particular, we are training and shaping their minds to understand the world around them.

“As a teacher, I learned about the one-million word gap... studies have shown that African American children start school knowing a million words less than other children because other groups are reading more to their children between ages 1 - 5. We want children to read because this is the foundation of learning.”
- Cherie Hardy, Avant Garde Books

As an educator, Cherie believes that the brain is wired to understand through stories. She takes a holistic approach with her students sharing anecdotes that focus not only on training their minds, but also on touching their hearts and encouraging them to overcome challenges.

Invest in Your Brain, Change Your Life

Because of her passion and commitment to inner-city youth, she takes her mobile pop-up book stores to places where there is limited access to books and story-telling for children.

Cherie plans to open a brick & mortar bookstore with a cafe that promotes unity in the community. With plans to build at the Mall West End located in Atlanta, Georgia, she has started a GoFundMe page to support the effort.

Cherie's entrepreneurial savvy is evident in her choice for a permanent location for Avant Garde Books. Her new store will be located in an area the City of Atlanta's Economic Development arm has labeled an Opportunity Zone, called the West End Retail District.

Plans for a Future & Hope

At some point, hopefully in the near future, the area currently known as the Mall West End, is set to undergo a major renovation that would include retail, affordable multi-family housing, cultural activity, and an office destination, with a public green-space component and nearby public transit, according to Curbed Atlanta, an online news source.

Hope & Gratitude are Twins

Cherie has achieved great levels of success because of her hope for a great future and her gratitude for life. She says, “a person has to be grateful for life itself. Our lives are meant to elevate and inspire others. Be grateful for life, use it for good. Work to help build something or somebody for good. Keep hope no matter what."

In one of her signature inspirational messages, she recently posted this hopeful reminder, "...even in the midst of this pandemic, trees are getting taller, flowers are blooming, healthy babies are being born, some people are getting promotions, businesses are opening, people are surviving."

"I believe hope and gratitude will keep you through anything," she says. "If you are here, it is for a reason - to serve others in some shape or form. Always be hopeful in the Creator, knowing He has created your life for something. He is going to help you and guide you if you just surrender to him.”

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Avant-garde Books, LLC sells new and used books for great prices. Shipping is FREE no matter where you are in the world! Our company is also committed to promoting and building literacy skills among children, especially those who reside in socio-economically disadvantaged communities.

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