How to Get Cute with Your Wine

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

Raise your glasses, it’s time to celebrate! The end of May marks the beginning of summer festival and wine season! I have decided to immerse myself into what some consider to be an art form as others swear by its holistic healing properties, and a select few just enjoy the savory flavor with their favorite meal or relax with it at the end of a long day. I can certainly relate to all those scenarios.

As a newby to the total wine experience, I decided to start the celebration with a wine tasting at the Soca Food & Wine Festival held in Stone Mountain, Georgia. I was so excited because this was going to be the kick-off for my upcoming "Summer Sweets" wine series, a focus on dessert and wine.

The festival turned out to be a disappointment with rude service, a slightly edgy and unrefined crowd and quite a bit of confusion about where to taste and purchase the wine.

My husband and I stood in a singular line for about an hour listening to confused and agitated festival goers. Honestly, I’d hoped to post about the Sangria but after waiting so long to taste it and being welcomed with less than enthusiast service I was just ready to leave, so we did.

On an up note, the neo-soul music presented at the festival was nice, and I did enjoy the taste of the Soca Rum Punch once we finally made our way to the top of the tasting line. I wish I could have enjoyed this experience more, but there will be plenty of other festivals and wine experiences coming this summer.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Maurecia Neal, owner of Vanessa’s Wine Accessories at the event. She introduced me to some of the glitz and glam that can be added to any wine experience with customized wine accessories.

Maurecia recently launched her wine accessory business and embraces the chaos that comes along with starting something new as one uses their gifts to pursue a passion. "Vanessa's Wine Accessories started as a result of me look for a wine stopper to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness. When I couldn't find anything, I decided to make something myself and the idea took off from there," she says.

Like most creatives, Maurecia knew she was onto something big when family and friends became interested in her creations. The accessories are custom made with a touch of her own sense of style and flare. Like Maurecia, I am a girly girl so her bling and flash easily captured my attention. Her signature custom wine glasses will be at the center of my next outdoor wine table experience.

Visit "Vanessa's Wine Accessories" on Etsy at and get cute with your wine this summer. Also, be sure to check out our chat on this week's Yes, That Girl Podcast.

Be sure to check out the "Yes, That Girl Podcast" for more inspiration on how you can live a more rich and fulfilling life of purpose, and follow us on social @yesimthatgirlblog.

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