Everything is Roses

As a newbie real investor I have been studying, researching and networking in an effort to learn all that I can about creating multiple streams of income. Over the last couple of years, I have made some strides in the stock market through apps like Robinhood and Acorns, online platforms that make investing easy with very little money up front. I got the real estate investor bug when I met my friends over at GROUNDFLOOR where I'm able to get returns of up to 13% in some cases with their crowd funding platform. However, now I'm at a point where I am ready to go further and expand my investment options.

Success Blooms from Within

It has been said that phrase ‘everything is coming up roses’ means that someone is having a lot of success and everything is going well for them. Well, no statement has ever been truer when it comes to 26-year old real estate/entrepreneur mogul, Jamisa McIvor-Bennett.

Her company, Rosebuds Investments is blooming with excitement, and she wants you to smell some roses too.

Meet Jamisa McIvor-Bennett

Jamisa McIvor-Bennett is a wife, mother and a ground-breaker with an amazing testimony! Her $4M real estate portfolio includes the deed of more than 20 properties, all of which she purchased with no mortgages!

Starting out as a novice investor, and mastering the craft, she became the CEO of Rosebud's Investments which is very popular among new investors and people who may be looking to get started and are not sure how. She has taken her innovative spirit and created a strategy that makes real estate investing as simple as can be for people of all ages and walks of life!

She is a truly gifted intellectual, with the ambition and strong desire to uplift and build those around her.

Treat Your Monday Like Friday

When I asked the young mother of four how she manages to stay on task and organize her life. She has developed a cheat sheet for planning the week. “I treat Mondays like Fridays. Mondays is almost like my day off…I won’t have many clients, minute paperwork if anything…and Fridays I treat like Mondays. So, by the end of a Friday its like wind down time and I can actually enjoy my weekend.” Starting her week off in a positive way makes the week go well despite any challenges that may come because of how it started. Positive energy comes back to you.

A Journey to Fast Learning

Jamisa describes herself as bubbly, optimistic and ambitious. Her kind gentle nature is apparent in the ways in which she opens up her own life a platform to share and lift up others. She says she wants others to be successful too.

It would be her Grandmother who unwittingly introduced her to real estate investing, she applies lessons she learned early in life about overcoming struggles. Her Grandma Rose first saw traits of responsibility and reliability in Jamisa, so much so that she entrusted the care of her property with a then 19-year old grocery store cashier with absolutely no knowledge of home ownership. The oldest of ten (10) siblings, she developed a natural candor for independence taking care of business.

“I didn’t miss out on my childhood years, I had fun with a good balance that carried over into my adult life.”

Today she is a wife, mother and business owner – which she contributes to her mindset and motivation success or lack thereof. The road from counting small change to investing millions would be a journey of fast learning, wit and tenacity to succeed. “No one around me was successful… I knew there was something else out there,” she says.

“I was looking forward to my call with Rosebuds and Jamisa did not disappoint. She is extremely knowledgeable, down to earth and inspirational all in one! The knowledge and value offered far exceeds the cost. If you are looking to invest in real estate, do not hesitate to call Rosebuds Investments to get you on the right path. Money well spent.” - Danielle W

When It Comes Down to Success

While talking to Jamisa, I sensed the down to earth inspirational spirit that she exudes, but I was most amazed with the very real demonstration of a woman whose life is in order as she cared for her newborn while we chatted. She says she makes it a point to incorporate motherhood into her work. She says when it comes down to success there are some things the world shows us that are not necessarily true.

“They make you feel like you have to pick. You either have to be a mom or a wife, or a business owner… being a mom is a privilege, being a woman is an honor. You can do it all. Create a balance for yourself but don’t ever feel like is one or the other.”

Embracing her role as a mother, she expresses an eagerness to involve her kids in her work, so they'll learn and be part of creating generational wealth.

Getting Started in Real Estate

Jamisa’s grandmother did a dollar-deed with her, after her passing due natural causes, the responsibility of true ownership set in. From maintenance of the home to the battle with family members over who would ultimately have oversight of her grandmother’s property. She overcame those struggles and ventured into learning about how to sell the debt-free property. The $50K property that needed a lot of work, ultimately sold for a whopping $152,000! A light went off when the young cashier that she could take that money and invest in other properties.

“I can buy a million houses but it would never replace my grandmother’s. You have to make this count.”

Hearing terms like gentrification, after repair value, and return on investment opened her mind to an entirely new world beyond what she’d known. She began studying real estate, acquiring her license. Then she figured out the differences between realtor and investor.

In her first year, she began buying property in Philadelphia and Rosebuds Investments became a reality.

Everything is Roses

Jamisa hit the ground running. She met a real estate investor who helped her realized other options she could done with the sale of her grandmother’s property. She purchasing her next three (3) properties from him. Today those properties make up for $1M of her property portfolio.

When she decided to start her business, she became so excited about the things she was learning, that she began teaching others. Her first student made $60,000 in 2-weeks exercising the $1 deed process. Then she started learning about how to get into real estate with little to no money, attending real estate auctions.

Named for her Grandma Rose, Rosebuds Investments developed its core purpose in teaching others. Today they teach people all from over the United States.

“Real estate is black and white, it doesn’t matter. The only thing that really changes are the numbers and that’s based on the market you’re in. We create a step by step blueprint for people starting from where ever they are.”

I Want to Get Started but I Don't Know How

Some people feel that getting into real estate is hard. As a first step, Rosebuds Investments takes a one on one, hands on process. “The primary service we offer is one on one hand holding through the new investor process… We ask them what their long and short-term goals are, and how much credit and cash they have. Based on those answers we literally create a step by step blueprint designed to get them started from where ever they are.” Depending on the situation of the individual investor, Rosebuds Investments can teach you how to build credit or create capital.

What You Don’t Own, You Don’t Control

Don’t be intimated or fearful about learning real estate investing. Don’t overanalyze it. Jamisa reminds us that by trying you can either win or simply learn. “You have to be determined to bet on yourself, with anything. In these times its not really optional to have some kind of ownership. A lot of us are realizing that we don’t really have control of our lives the way we once thought we did. COVID-19 came and people had one of two options, to be sent home from work or be forced to work. If you had to go to work you ran the risk of getting sick, if you did not go to work you ran the risk of not getting paid. It created a panic.” Despite the discomfort of the pandemic, Jamisa was at peace because she was in control. She knew where her money was coming from. Because she has no mortgages on her rental properties, it was easier for her to offer forms of payment relief to her tenants. Having stability is a necessity.

“I want you to know it’s not just about the money with me. Every chance I get, I’ll teach.”

Jamisa says, when you’re choosing who you want to do business with you always have to go with the facts. “Some of the people trying to teach real estate don’t actually have the things they are trying to teach you to get.” Jamisa touts her success on not only having a positive vibe but her consistency and responsiveness. She can put tangible evidence behind her teaching. She suggests that before you spend your money, vet people. Reach out directly to people you want to learn from to get a feel for them.

Valerie Winrow is an author and a women’s lifestyle writer/blogger with focused content on health, wellness, and finance. Her “Yes, I’m That Girl” blog series shares inspirational stories and anecdotes to encourage others to live a life of purpose.

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