Do you have a Hot & Steamy Money Mindset?

When it comes to my vanilla chai latte, I like it dirty, hot and steamy! Much like my money, the right amount of chai raises my energy and keeps me focused on achieving and doing more. Talking about money wasn’t always easy for me, but when I put it into a context for bringing good into my life, I can shout about it all day long!

Your Money, Your Mindset

If you’re among todays working class you either just got paid or you’re looking forward to this week’s payday. The recent U.S. Government Shutdown revealed that nearly 80% of Americans, are one paycheck away from having no money at all. With automatic savings you’re taking control of your money. Many financial experts suggest that you pay yourself 10% first, then pay every thing else. With automatic transfers you’ll get to a point where you don’t even notice the money being deducted and find yourself excited when you see it growing.

Studies show that people who automate their savings, save a ton more than those who don't. Apps like Acorns make it easy for anyone to grow wealth. Studies show that people automate their savings, save a ton more than those who don’t. Like a mighty oak that grows and spreads from one little seed, you can begin planting today for great returns in the future.

What is your money mindset? How do you speak about it ? How do you treat money? Do you donate/give any of it away? Are you afraid to spend your mo

ney? Do you overspend?

“Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

What are the financial foundations you were raised to believe? Did your parents say things like “money doesn’t grow on trees?” If you look closely enough at your spending habits, chances are you learned that behavior from someone early on in your life, probably before you ever earned your first dollar.

I’ve shared that my parents were blue collar workers. I grew up watching them work very hard for what always seemed like very little money. Nothing against blue collar, learning the value of hard work and putting your hands to something is certainly the a very strong part of who I am. My parents taught me a lot about work ethic, diligence in staying on track and completing tasks.

My parents were hard workers. They did their best, as we all do, with the knowledge and resources they had. As much as I love and appreciate them, honestly they didn’t teach me much about savings and even less about investing.

Growing up, it seemed we alway had just enough, which was just fine because we never went to bed hungry, we always had a roof over our heads, and decent clean clothes to wear, but God forbid a life changing catastrophic event or some other unforeseen emergency, then what?

I took this behavior into my adult life, until I had children of my own and realized that I wanted so much more for them. Because I had learned to be grateful for being just enough over broke, it was always hard to save any money. Every time I would try, something would happen to take that money away; a flat tire, the car would break down, an unexpected increase on a utility bill, ugh! It went on and on. It also didn’t help that my now late husband wasn’t much of a money manager either. We would both get so discouraged over our finances that we’d often blow what little money we had after bills to treat ourselves to extra double cheeseburgers just to make ourselves feel better. Sad and ridiculous, I know.

Wisdom & Broke-dom

When you know better, you should do better. Real talk, in all honesty as I got older I realized that we were the source of those days of financial turmoil. We cycled ourselves into having a broke mentality. When you purchase old used tires, chances are those tires aren’t going to last long. When you drive your car without doing regular maintenance, chances are your car will break down. Late fees on utility bills can add up quickly, until you’re forced to pay everything to turn the lights on. Oh, but‘ve still got to buy groceries! Lack of sound financial planning can have you spinning in cycles of broke-dom for years.

Financial Freedom

Cycles of financial freedom is a far better way to travel through life. If you spin yourself in wrong direction long enough, you’ll eventually get tired, like I did. I made some hard but necessary choices and began to do the necessary work to improve my financial situation. I immersed myself in self directed learning about finance and investing, picking up these 5 money saving hacks along the way:

  1. Put a few more dollars into my employers retirement plan, they matched more, increasing my long term savings.

  2. Set up automatic transfers from my checking to my savings to avoid monthly bank service fees.

  3. Taking advantage of budget plans offered by my local gas company helps to lower my utility bill.

  4. Carefully planning my drive time and combine trips (when I can't walk or ride share) to save on gas money.

  5. Use my credit cards wisely and paying them off at the end of the month, I not only avoid service fees I also keep my credit score in check.

"Change your mind, change your life.”

Fast forward, hard lessons were learned after struggling for years to make ends meet, from bankruptcy to ultimately loosing my home, I have had to fully rebuild my life. Today, I am sharing my knowledge in hopes that others will avoid some of the same pitfalls. If you’re going through financial hardship, be encouraged because there is light at the end of the tunnel. So, grab your favorite beverage, sit back and relax. You can do this! Every little step you take gets you further along the journey to becoming and living your best life. If you remain diligent and focused, you will see the change in your life increase tremendously.

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