5 Ways to Trigger Positive Emotions for Loving Yourself

Push away the turkey and dressing. Stuff yourself with positive affirmations this holiday season! Start today with PMA, a positive mental attitude.

"I am not the woman that I was 15 years ago, and I'm not the woman I'll be 15 years from now. I'm a better version of who I was and the next best version of me is emerging." - Lisa Nichols

What About Me?

World renown Pastor, Teacher and Thought Leader Joyce Meyer, tells a story from her past where she took notice of how others around her seemed to be blessed and moving forward in life while she sat alone feeling sorry for herself. She went on to talk about how people in her church were receiving the things they wanted while she felt as if she was standing still with unanswered prayers. One day God revealed to her the sound of her own voice complaining “what about me.”

We’ve all been there with Joyce, focusing on what others have rather than realizing what we have. If you think about it, there really is a lot you have to be grateful for. If you’re reading this right now you have the gift of sight, the unconscionable ability to breath and the ability to comprehend. Friend, somewhere someone is blind, on life support unable to breath on their own, or lost in a state of mental illness unable to exercise any level of understanding. Of course we pray for people who are in those situations - not considering ourselves to be better or less than them but rather being thankful for what we do have and focusing less on what we don’t have.

Start with Gratitude

If you ever feel lost or overwhelmed with life. Be still and focus on your center, the core of your being. Start with gratitude. Yes, it matters. Yes it applies to your life. It is powerful, the more you do it, it will resonate and change your life. If you need help in finding a way to start, click here to see what the Bible says about gratitude.

5 Ways to Trigger Positive Emotions for Self Love

Set Up Triggers for Opportunity for Gratitude by associating them with things you do all the time. For example, the next time you are sitting in traffic say 10 things you’re grateful for.

Write down at least ten things you’re grateful for in your gratitude journal. Look for the little things, like those tiny little moments in the ritual of starting your day; waking up and enjoying a few minutes of meditation, having your morning coffee. Embrace the beauty in the small things.

"In just five minutes a day harness the power of your own happiness and become the best version of yourself. All your relationships and goals will be seemingly effortless after mastering your own mindfulness." - F M Journal

Ask yourself, what can I be excited about today? Do you have an appointment at the spa, are you headed to the gym? Maybe you're just goin for coffee or headed to the grocery store. Get excited about it! Share the excitement with your kids, teach them how to be intentional about finding joy in what their day holds.

Write thank you notes. When you take the time to hand write a note it causes you to practice thoughtfulness. Express gratitude to a friend or family member by writing a note just to say hello and express why you appreciate them. Send a note to your favorite author complimenting them for a book they've written. You'll gain a sense of satisfaction by encouraging someone else.

Generosity to Others. Show someone you care with a “gift just because.” My husband often comes home with a beautiful bouquet of flowers just for me, just because it's Tuesday or whatever cute little notion he comes up with. This small gestures causes us both to feel joy and gratitude.

Loving yourself creates miracles in your life. Start receiving your miracles today just by changing your thoughts. When you change your thinking process everything in your life changes.

Resources: I Can Do It, Louise Hay, Girl Wash Your Face, Rachel Hollis

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