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"Office Design 2" by New Space, The new and innovative offices presented in this series come from many different industries and fields, such as internet and computer technology, financial and capital, industry, law and consulting, construction and engineering, logistics, retail, life service, creative industry and media, including many internationalized companies such as Facebook, Google, Cisco, PwC, and MTV. These modern and stylish offices reflect the concept of human care and sustainable development. In these offices, the eight working hour is never a suffering, but represents joyful interior space art.

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Atlanta Interior Designer, Beth Webb believes that regardless of who we are or what kind of style we prefer, beauty and comfort are paramount for any home. Because each room is an environment, her design elevates the everyday by speaking to the five senses. In this lavishly illustrated book, Webb explores the fundamentals of creating a home in which every element we see and touch, and how the room makes us feel, enhance our ability to live well.

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The kitchen is the heart of the home.  No matter the time or occasion, everyone gathers there. Coming soon, we'll visit some amazing dining spaces for inspiration and design in your home.


Accents for the home vary by taste.  Consider incorporating art, wine and books into your design theme.  In 2019 we'll take a tour of some of Atlanta'a finest abodes to discover how these elements and more can add just right touch to your home.


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