Hi, I'm Valerie


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Welcome to my lifestyle blog! I am here to share experiences from my life with you in hopes that you will be inspired by the journey with me.

Here I am sharing tips on healthy living, loving yourself more, building and maintaining positive relationships, and enjoying an authentic lifestyle.  


I am a wife, mother, author, serial investor, environmentalist and a myriad of other titles that all encompass a woman who lives to encourage others.  It is my desire to inspire women to challenge themselves, step out of their comfort zone and take a chance to live the life they deserve, the life they were created for. 


The diamond in my logo is a symbol of strength and resilience.  It is my mantra for new beginnings and a reminder of hope. Like a diamond, life has pushed me to the limits and I have been able to emerge stronger.  There are unique blemishes to my appearance yet the crushing that gave shape to my life is both beautiful and brilliant.  A diamond without flaws is not real.

By sharing my story of faith, perseverance, love, and appreciation of life, I have dedicated myself to encouraging others to discover the voice inside that propels them to boldly embrace their own life's journey.


A nationally published Memorialist, I have published snapshots into my life's experience.  “Dear Chris, Conversations with my Son," exposes layers of hurt and disappointment after losing my first child to Leukemia. Clinical depression ensued when my late husband passed away six months later.  This course of events propelled me towards music and writing more as a way of finding true meaning in my life. “Who's That Girl," my follow-up Memoir, was born!  In sharing my life's story, I have discovered that forward-thinking breeds powerful living.  By faith, introspection, and perseverance, I am now living my best life ever and I want others to do the same!


Writing to reach people where they are is what I enjoy the most. Through my own trials and triumphs, God is using my story to touch the lives of others.  This is my journey, share the ride with me. Hopefully, you will be inspired to find your own place of self-discovery.


This site contains affiliate links. Your support of products and services advertised here is greatly appreciated as this helps to maintain the efforts put forth in consistently providing you with valuable content. Know that I only promote brands and services that I actually use or would use myself.  


Be blessed and inspired!