A Season of Gratitude...



I'm Valerie, welcome to my lifestyle

blog.  I enjoy sharing my experiences

and inspiring others to thrive and

grow with me. 


Here you'll find lifestyle tips for your

health and wellness, money/investing,

leisure and more! 

Considering the state of our world, climate change,

volatile financial markets,a global pandemic, politics,

and the ongoing race for true equality... it's a lot to take in.


Despite the problems of the world, I am sure am grateful for the love of family, good health and well-being, and having a positive frame of mind.

We don't have to let the cares of the world impact our daily personal living in a negative way.  We are living through some tough times - but its also a great time to be alive!

This month we continuing our discussion about transition and adapting to change, with a bit of "me time" in between. From the ways we exercise our mind and body, to the way we invest our money,we must be ready and willing to move with the winds of change. 


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